Surprise Your Friend With TOP 5 Gadget Gifts On His Birthday

If you are planning to surprise your techie friend with a cool birthday gift, then you will have to check out the latest ones available in the market. As the technological field is developing each day, the market is flooded with a number of gadgets that would make all gadget lovers go weak on their knees. You can check out some of the latest gadgets that would impress your friend even more.Robotic ball gaming system:This birthday gift is an excellent idea as the spherical ball gaming device can be easily operated using your Android or IOS device. With this device, your friend can enjoy lots of drawing games, multi player games, driving games and augmented reality games. Though not impressive in appearance, it is unbreakable and waterproof. One can connect the device to the mobile through Bluetooth and it lets the players build their own game. This is a safe bet to astonish your friend on his birthday.Smart watches:If you want to make your friend happy from the core of his heart on his birthday, then this cool gadget is the ideal choice. It lets the user stay connected without using a mobile phone. This watch has the ability to alert you on incoming calls, missed calls, SMS, reminders, events, alarms and low battery. One can also take pictures as well as listen to music with this gadget.Illuminated water dancing speakers:Has your friend thrown the birthday party in his new home? Yes! Just surprise him with this cool gadget which is a class apart. As the music is played, the speakers spurt jets of water that is brightly illuminated by multicolored LED You can connect it with a USB or through the mains and there is no need to fill water as it is inbuilt. But there is no need to worry about water entering the speaker as it is a sealed system. Your friend will love this gift as the multi hues of red, blue, green and yellow will mesmerize the onlooker.Stylish stylus for Apple phones:If your friend has an Apple phone or an android, you can gift him this birthday gift as it would make the gadget look very stylish. Your friend need not be worried about losing it as it can be attached with the device using a headphone socket of 3.5 mm. The stylus can be used effectively as the elastic cord with which it is attached offers good flexibility. With an array of designs to choose from, you can select one according to his taste.Smartstick Tubular charger:This is an innovative gadget that will surely surprise your friend on his birthday. With this tubular charging device, your friend can make sure that his Smartphone or iPod does not run out of charge. This is very compact and cute to carry instead of the bulky ones and has the ability to recharge the phone within a short time. Make sure you choose the best design among the five designs that are available in the market.So, any of these 5 gadgets will make your friend feel special on his birthday.

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6 Tips to Help You Buy Your Solar Power System

If you are going to invest in a solar PV system, your excitement level may be sky-high. However, while making this purchase, make sure you don’t get carried away. Instead, you may want to focus on some important matters related to the purchase since you are going to spend quite a bit of money. Given below are some tips that may help you look for the best deal.1. RecommendationsFirst of all, you must ask family members, friends, and colleagues for recommendations. Some of them may have experience buying these systems. Often, neighbors offer the best tips for buying these systems.Their experience can help you avoid some common problems when investing in this type of power equipment. You can then avoid these problems based on their advice.2. Manufacturer’s WarrantyTypically, manufacturers of PV panels provide guarantees. Reputable providers offer at least 25 years of warranty for the panels. The good thing is that these panels are expected to last much longer than the claimed life. So, they can pay for themselves during this period. Make sure you consider only reputable brands.3. Price ExpectationsGenerally, all brands offer solar panels at similar price tags, give or take. If you have found a system that comes with a substantially lower price tag, know that there is something fishy. Inexpensive PV systems are often of poor quality. After all, you get what you pay for.What you need to do is compare parts and warranty periods as well. Although large suppliers offer these devices at lower prices, smaller ones cut corners to reduce costs. So, this should be kept in mind.4. Solar Panel CertificationsCertification is important regardless of the brand you are going to opt for. Usually, the certification refers to the testing type the system has gone through. For example, the test may confirm that the PV system has been tested by an independent lab. So, it helps to check the panel certifications.5. The Type of PanelsIn the past, it was a common belief that mono-crystalline panels were the best choice for limited roof space. However, this has changed as technology has advanced considerably over the past decade. It’s not a good idea to cover up your roof space with inefficient panels.But it’s important to keep in mind that solar panels require full sunlight to produce a substantial amount of power. The output will be considerably lower in shade.6. The Mounting SystemThe tracking and mounting system must be certified based on the area you live in. For instance, you must go for a cyclone-rated system if you live in an area where cyclones are quite common. Make sure that the system you need is wind certified.In a wind storm, the mounting system must be able to withstand strong winds. Therefore, you may want to consider the wind certification and other documents.Long story short, before you invest in a good solar power system, we suggest that you consider these factors first. This is important if you want to make an informed decision.

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